Grey bread

Served with garlic butter

12 NIS


Crispy Italian home baked bread

18 NIS

Pickles from the Baba Yaga cellar

Cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage and hot pepper

32 NIS

Simmering frying pan with mushrooms

Champignons, Portobello, Shiitake in cream sauce

78 NIS

Grilled eggplant

Served with yogurt, tahini, fresh tomatoes, and olive oil

*Can be served vegan

42 NIS

Lightly salted herring

Served with marinated onion and boiled potatoes

32 NIS


Lightly salted salmon, served with soft cheese

52 NIS

Beetroot carpachio

Served with blue cheese, balsamic and pecan

42 NIS

Dorade carpaccio

Served with olive oil, lemon, squeezed tomatoes , rings of hot pepper and coriander

52 NIS

Hot Russian blini

Served with red caviar  

72 NIS

Beef carpaccio

Served with olive oil, lemon, balsamic, Parmesan and arugula

54 NIS

Chicken liver pate

Served with berries, onion jam and toast

58 NIS

Cured Sirloin Strips

Served with croutons, capers and olive oil

68 NIS

Foie gras

Goose liver with mango sauce, served with toast

114 NIS



Baba Yaga salad

with pear sauce dressing, served with Roquefort cheese

62 NIS

Shrimp salad

Served with hot shrimps and balsamic dressing

62 NIS

Mediterranean salad with chicken

with Caesar salad dressing, served with Parmesan cheese and toast

58 NIS

Duck breast salad

Served with roasted  duck breast in berry sauce

78 NIS

Greek salad
Greek salad is made with pieces of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and olives, typically seasoned with salt  and dressed with olive oil.

48 NIS



Russian ukha

Rich fish broth of sea bass filet

38 NIS

Ukrainian borscht

With veal, served with sour cream

42 NIS


With capers and smoked meats, served with sour cream

46 NIS

Soup of the day

42 NIS


Main courses

Vegan Fettucini

Alio olio sauce with artichoke and confit garlic ,tomatoes and olives

75 NIS

Gnocchi crispi with artichoke

78 NIS

Bavarian sausage

Served with mustard, sauerkraut, pickles ans smashed potato.

88 NIS

Double Steak

Chicken steak with the duck breast on coals , with sweet sauce served with grilled vegetables and smashed potatoes

115 NIS

Hamburger with Foie Gras

Served with French friese

90 NIS

Grilled Lamb

Served with spicy tomato sauce, grilled vegetables and mashed potato

128 NIS

Beef Stroganoff

Filet beef, mushrooms, cream sauce served with mashed potato

125 NIS

Entrecote steak

Price per 100 gramm -52 NIS


Entrees Sea

Grilled salmon filet

In creamy tomato and spinach sauce, served with  mashed potato

92 NIS

Dorade (Denis) filet with shrimps

In garlic and lemon sauce, served with grilled vegetables and mashed potato

105 NIS

Whole sea bass

Served with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes

138 NIS

Fettucini with Shrimps

cream sauce with chopped tomatoes

95 NIS

Shrimps with sauce of your choice

Roquefort cheese / garlic

92 NIS

Grilled shrimps

Served with lemon dressing

87 NIS

Pan with mussels

Cooked in spicy herbs, garlic oil and white wine

98 NIS

Seafood cocktail

In wine and butter sauce, served in a simmering frying pan

118 NIS




With chopped herring, apples and onions, served with toast

58 NIS

Vareniki – Potato Dumplings

  sauteed with onion, served with sour cream and pickled onion

68 NIS

Vareniki – Cherry Dumplings

sautéed with sweet cherry sauce, servedwith sour cream

85 NIS

Pelmeni – Veal Dumplings

Served with sour cream and vinegar

78 NIS

Homemade pot roast

Hot pot from the oven

86 NIS



Pistachio Creme Brulee

Dessert consisting of a rich pistachio custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel

42 NIS


Popular coffe-flavoured Italian custard dessert

42 NIS

Chocolate Soufflé

42 NIS


42 NIS

Bird milk cake

48 NIS

Lemon pie

42 NIS

Raspberrie and marzipan tart

42 NIS

New York cheesecake

42 NIS