Cold appetizers

Traditional mixed pickles

White cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes

Vegetable Salad

Fresh mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, lettuce, baby greens and red onions.

Served with Vinaigrette dressing.

Gravlax – cold pickled salmon

Classic Scandinavian dish

Salted Herring

Chicken fillet roll stuffed with prunes

Roasted beef
Veal roasted with rosemary
Served with honey baked garlic, mustard and horse radish.

Ciabatta bread

Homemade crispy Italian bread.

Served with garlic and dill butter.

Homemade rye bread

Served with garlic and dill butter

Main dishes(for choice)

Beef casserole

With potatoes, mushrooms and sliced onions

Grilled pullet
Served with oven baked potato slices

Mediterranean Sea Bass fillet
Lightly creamed in Béchamel sauce. Served in custom-made terracotta dish with ratatouille.




Hot:   tea, coffee

Cold:  orange, tomato, apple juices, lemonade, mineral water


Price per person – 145 NIS

Including VAT not including service

Alcohol packages:

* 30NIS per person – Home made red/white dry wine, Russky standard vodka – up to 1 bottle for 3 person

* 60NIS per person – Rehasim dovev red wine, Assemblage Barkan white wine, Beluga vodka, Jameson whisky – up to 1 bottle for 3 person

* 30% from our alcohol bar menu