About us


A little bit About Us

Baba Yaga was founded in 2008 out of a great passion for food. The restaurant is located close to the sea, in a unique stone building alongside a pastoral and magical garden. From the day the restaurant opened, we have had a goal to maintain a high culinary standard using only fresh ingredients, to provide personal service, and to surround those who come to the restaurant with a romantic atmosphere that captures the magic of Tel Aviv.

The highly talented chef, Maria Pisnatz, winner of the reality show “Royal Chef”, has created our amazing menu, combining juicy meats, seafood and fresh fish, inspired by Spanish, French, Russian and Israeli cuisines.

Together with our robust menu, we are proud of our “Russian culinary corner”, a unique pearl in the Israeli culinary landscape. It will lead you on a journey to your childhood memories and will remind you of the tastes of home: classic tasting Borscht, red caviar and don’t leave before you taste our glorious star meal: Varniki filled with potatoes and fried onions with butter or the sweet version: dumplings with sweet cherries, caramel sauce with a touch of sour cream.

Baba Yaga will wake up all of your senses and will offer a unique experience for all visitors. Our private halls are the perfect place for meeting with friends or business conferences; our live shows include delightful jazz musicians, homage to French Chansons or the sounds of the Spanish guitar. During Sukkot and Passover holidays we host a jazz & wine festival full of surprises, tastes and much more.

We are always reinventing ourselves, researching the hidden culinary world and combining fragrances, aromas, textures and surprising tastes. You’re more than welcome to join us. here… it’s all about passion.


Wine Garden

Baba Yaga is an oasis in the landscape of Tel Aviv. A step away from the beach you will find a green and intimate courtyard that is the perfect place for a meal, an event or any other celebration.

The restaurant menu is built entirely of Eastern European cooking under the direction of the chef Maria Finitz. The menu perfectly blends with the pastoral place and the intimacy it offers its customers.

All kinds of events can be held there, up to 150 people, and … We have plenty of parking!
We invite you to an unforgettable culinary experience in the heart of Tel Aviv.


Wine & Jazz

It’s been a long time since Baba Yaga has transformed from just a restaurant where you can share a tasty meal into so much more: our unique Wine Garden patio constantly hosts tastings and live jazz. We’ve got the best musicians performing for you and the most knowledgeable sommeliers talking about wines.