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About Baba Yagа

Eating at the Baba Yaga restaurant, named after a famous witch from Slavic folklore, is like entering a gateway to the magical world of European cuisine.

The restaurant is located in a stone renovated structure, and includes a cozy garden for extra atmosphere. The kitchen offers a wide variety of European delicacies from a wide spectrum of countries, from Spain and France all the way through Italy and Russia.

 אודות באבא יאגה  באבא יאגה

Maria Piznetz, the Baba Yaga chef gathers the highest quality materials as she constructs each and every dish in her Tel Aviv kitchen, and she was chosen to perform at the successful Israeli TV cooking show "Royal Chef".

All of the flavors, aromas and materials are rooted deep in Piznetz childhood in Russia, and form an incredible combination with other traditional delicacies from all over Europe, including meat, cauldron, seafood, fish, fresh salads and root vegetables.

Other than its rich menu, Baba Yoga restaurant hosts Jazz nights, piano and Spanish guitar nights, and offers private unique events with customized dishes for your full experience of a diverse European cuisine.

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